1: Why I love leaders and the topic of leadership

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Hans the PAM SMLWhy I love leaders and the topic of leadership Welcome to my first Podcast.  I welcome you and your time. I hope you listen to the show! This first show is an introduction to what I love about leadership and just a bit about my own story.  My passion is to help leaders lead.  So if that sparks an interest, read on and listen. * I begin with a short history is the study of leadership – great leaders (Lincoln, King, Thatcher, Gandhi, Moses) and terrible leaders.  History in many ways is the story of what leaders have done for good and for harm. * I introduce myself –a little about who I am.  I have always wanted to change the world for good – have my life count – and that is what leaders do! * I don’t know where you are at in your journey – but I love helping leaders lead. Why do I call myself the Leadership Answerman???  Not because I think I am a great leader.   It is because I am here to help leaders lead, and if I don’t know the answer I will find the answer!

  • I write books and speak on leadership: Not because I consider myself a great leader but because I want to become a better leader.
  • I write books and speak on leadership ot from the classroom of academic theory but from the crucible of the leadership trenches.

The history of the formal study of leadership: * Great Man (original) * Situational Leadership (leader, follower and situation) * Complexity (today) Why I decided to start podcasting

  • I love listening to podcasts.  Just started four months ago.
  • 97 Million commuters in the USA every day – 26 minutes is the average commute.   It is in my car that I listen to most of the podcasts.  My trainer told me the other day how depressed he gets listening to talk radio.  I suggested, “do what I do!”  Listen to stuff that lifts your spirits, challenges your heart, makes you a better person, inspires you.
  • Every smart phone is a radio receiver now – a podcast receiver.
  • The 2013 Social Media Expo in San Diego said that “Podcasting is the biggest story in social media in 2013.”
  • I have always been an early adapter of new technology and am thrilled to get into the world of Podcasting.

Here’s a tip for you:  How do you improve as a leader?

  • Get around leaders that inspire you.
  • Read their books
  • Go to their conferences
  • Listen to their podcasts.

QUESTION: What is the most important qualification for leadership?   You might be surprised.  These are NOT the keys to great leadership though they might help….. * Born leader * Great Personality * Right skill set * Special Family background – pedigree * Spirituality * Right Gifting * Education * Training * Determination * Passion * Good looks Mobile-TestingReady for the answer? What is the real key?  Well, I am sorry to disappoint you, but there is no one key!   It is a magical combination of a person’s background, family, education, personality and learning over years of experience. Having said that, there are two key ingredients that I want to leave you with today as the application, and they are both a reflection of HUMILITY:

  • Listen – to your people
  • Learn – lifelong learning

Quote of the show:  “If we stop learning today, we will stop leading tomorrow.” – That’s an original for me.  This goes with a theme I will repeat forever and ever;  The two most important words in a leader’s vocabulary:  Listen and Learn Book of the Show to recommend Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make, by Hans Finzel Send me your questions below to answer in a future show and future show idea topics


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  • Cortland Coffey

    Great stuff Hans! Thank you for taking the time to share such wisdom. Your show will definitely be a regular on my iPhone from here on out. Thanks!

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