75: The Bookend Show

Fence-Sitting smallerThis episode serves as a “bookend” to this show, as I am taking a break from new shows. Lately, I have been feeling a bit dry on the show and am running out of ideas. I am very happy with the last series of episodes on the 10 Essential Skills Every New Leader Must Master, based on the word L.E.A.D.E.R. I am going to be focussing for now on writing, speaking, and mentoring other leaders. I don’t know when new episodes will start, but if you stay subscribed new episodes will just pop into your feed once I start back up.

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For now, thank you for being a devoted listener and reader, and I hope to engage with you on this show again soon.

74: Review and Look Back at the “Learn to Lead” Series

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This podcast is brought to you by the letters in LEADERSHIP

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In today’s show, I am going to look over this ten part series and want to ask you the question: Which meant the most to you? What was your most helpful concept? Please go the hansfinzel.com/engage and let me know! (more…)

73: Learn to Lead: Ten Skills Every New Leader Must Master: Power of Pride – Part 2

Puzzle People TEAM resizedFor the last few months, we have been going through a great series on the 10 leadership skills every new leader must master. Each of these episodes stands on its own as a leadership skill, however if you would like to start from the beginning, check out episode 63. Also, if you have not listened to part 1 of this last letter of “leadership,” I recommend you listen to episode 72.

In this episode I cover:

  • Why should they follow you?
  • What’s more important in leadership: to make a mark, or leave a legacy?


72: Learn to Lead: Ten Skills Every New Leader Must Master: Power of Pride – Part 1

This is the last letter in our 10 part series on the ten skills every new leader must matter, but it is not the last episode. I have so much on this it is going to be two shows.

The Mistake of Focusing on Your Gifting

I would like you to meet Richard.  Perhaps you can relate to his early failure as a budding leader. Richard is young, sharp, tall, gifted and has a lot of natural charisma.  Growing up, he always fell naturally into leadership.  Now as a young adult and committed to Christ, he aspires to be a leader for God.  Richard feels that God endowed him with a lot of natural leadership ability, so he honed them by graduating from college and then going through grad school.  He graduated from a premier seminary and is now at the end of his second year of his first ministry assignment. (more…)

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